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1 Day Course Class Room only. No hands-on.

2 Day Course- Classroom & Hands-On

Classroom instruction and hands-on searches will be conducted on numerous vehicles, from small cars to large trucks that contain simulated weapons of mass destruction, firearms, explosives, narcotics and illicit currency.

Domestic Interdiction Group’s specifically designed class for Criminal Patrol provides Officers with training on Criminal Interdiction and information on concealment methods that consist of false compartments within several types of vehicles. Recent and emerging concealment trends will also be covered.


  • Questioning and Evaluating during a Traffic Stop
  • Consent Searches
  • Vehicle Approaches
  • Vehicle Searches
  • False and Hidden Compartments
  • Cartel Trends
  • Professional Vehicles Searches
  • Escort / Decoy Vehicles / Officer Safety Issues
  • Racial Profiling Issues and Concerns
  • Bulk Currency Concealment and Transportation Methods
  • Concealment methods that consist of fabricated, hydraulic, electronic compartments