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Train With Us

Domestic Interdiction Group has designed several training courses for law enforcement officers to pursue and identify the individuals who are engaged in criminal activity while in transit. All of our instructors are highly experienced active Law Enforcement Officers that made several significant seizures and teach quality, up to date information focusing on current trends pertaining to criminal activity.

Domestic Interdiction Group can customize any course offering to meet the specific training requirements of the unit’s mission.

We Specialize In the following:

  • Criminal Patrol
  • Asset Forfeiture
  • Officer Safety Issues
  • Drug Cartel Trends
  • Roadside Interview Techniques
  • Vehicle Search Techniques
  • Vehicle Indicators
  • Bulk Currency Concealment and Transportation Methods
  • Behavior Indicators
  • Rapid Assessment
  • Concealment methods that consist of fabricated, hydraulic, electronic compartments
  • Clone Vehicles
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Industry
  • Terrorism and Vehicle Improvised Explosive Devices
  • Situational Threat Assessment
  • IED Recognition
  • Cargo Theft
  • Organized Retail Crime