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Each kit includes: Buster® K910B Contraband Detector w/ RAD-Aware® early radiation warning alarm

  • Backlight & Remote Display
  • Calibration Block, Holster, Headset, accessories
  • Perfect Vision® V20 Videoscope – UL certified safe for hazardous location use
  • 2-way articulation, 2.0m (80”) x 6mm (1/4”) probe, 5” (12.7cm) LCD Display
  • Built-in LED lighting, 3.5x digital zoom, up to 8,000 photos or 4 hours storage capacity
  • LRF LEICA Laser Rangefinder
  • PM–10 Telescoping Inspection Mirror with Flashlight
  • P–41 Heavy Duty Expandable Steel Inspection Probe Kit
  • PN–30 Pocket Pencil Inspection Probes (set of 6)
  • CT-PTK Personal Inspection Tool Kit, with holster
  • Custom waterproof CT-40 “Pelican” Carrying

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