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About Domestic Interdiction Group, Inc.

Domestic Interdiction Group, Inc. is a privately held, veteran & minority owned business headquartered in Henderson, Nevada.

Our instructors are active law enforcement officers that are working criminal interdiction every day and understand the current trends and Officer Safety issues we face every day.

Domestic Interdiction Group offers a variety of elite training on vehicle search techniques for explosives, weapons, narcotics, illicit currency, human smuggling and other prohibited contraband. Domestic Interdiction Group will provide hands-on searches conducted on numerous vehicles, from small cars to large trucks that contain stimulated weapons of mass destruction, firearms, explosives, narcotics and illicit currency.

Domestic Interdiction Group can provide low to high volume vehicle screening solutions for checkpoint requirements. Domestic Interdiction Group delivers the most comprehensive training to Law Enforcement, Military, Private Industry, Nuclear Power Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Petroleum Plants, Airports, and any other critical municipal infrastructure. Corporate companies must provide training and prepare their security personnel to counter these threats and reduce the potential loss of life. Our skills in analysis, training and high-threat protection allow us to facilitate the stable operations of oil, gas, mining, nuclear and port installations. Domestic Interdiction Group can tailor our training to meet your physical security needs. Our highly qualified instructors are experienced and are active Law Enforcement Officers throughout the United States.

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