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Critical Infrastructure Installations

Nuclear Power Plants, Hotel & Casino, Stadium, Water Treatment Plants, Petroleum Plants, Schools, Airports, Telecommunications Facilities and any other Critical Municipal Infrastructure

We Offer a 2-Day Course

Classroom instruction is combined with hands-on vehicle inspection on numerous vehicles, from small cars to large trucks that contain simulated weapons of mass destruction, firearms, and explosives.

Domestic Interdiction Group has a class specifically designed for the Private Industry. This class will provide Security Personnel with training on vehicle screening associated with Terrorism and Cargo Theft as well as information on concealment methods for the Private Industry.

  • Vehicle Screening
  • Situational Threat Assessment
  • Terrorism
  • Vehicle Improvised Explosive Devices & Recognition
  • Clone Vehicles
  • Cargo Theft
  • Organized Retail Theft
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Industry
  • Vehicle Indicators
  • Behavior Indicators
  • Rapid Assessment
  • Vehicle Inspection Techniques / Concealment methods
  • Safety Concerns
  • Suspicious Documents (Shipping Papers and Proper Documents)